Participation of SHADE Staff at CSW57 New York

The Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) participated in CSW57 conference at United Nations headquarters in New York from March 04-15, 2013.

Member countries of the United Nations body presented reports of the progress made by their respective governments against violence against women in their countries. Governments of different countries organized side events during conference at the United Nations headquarters while different NGOs had arranged parallel events to share the data of violence against women and to adopt necessary measures to bring reduction in the cases of violence against women world over.

In total 600 Non-governmental Organizations participated in the CSW57 conference from world over. The member countries of the United Nations Organization presented a draft document at the end of the conference on March 15,2013 condemning all forms of violence against women and girls in the world.

The Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon addressed the opening and closing sessions of the conference; he also made a speech on the occasion of March 08,2013 International Women Day.

It was one of the big forums in the world to discuss women issues where governments and non-government organizations participated.