Message by Chairwoman


Join United Nations Secretary General’s UNiTE campaign to End Violence against Women

VIOLENCE against women, in all in its manifestations, is an inhuman and uncivilized attitude
become part of UNiTE and GENERATION EQUALITY campaigns
to change this attitude and
ORANGE the World.

Ms Shahida Iram (Chairwoman)

Message by Chairwoman

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations passed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2016, to bring change in the world. The goals will indeed bring change in the lives of people if sincerely implemented and it certainly needs a participatory approach to achieve better results. The Sustainable Development Goals share a common global vision and every country is regarded as having common responsibility for playing their part in delivering this global vision. In general the goals are applicable in all countries of the world. All the issues covered by the Sustainable Development Goals are present in both developed and developing countries with differing degrees. The developed countries need to assist and support developing countries to achieve set targets of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The United Nations has always provided a platform for the member countries to find out ways and means to solve different problems our planet face and now it is our responsibility as a government, civil society organization and as an individual to play our roles sincerely for the successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We have included the promotion and successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in general and goals 5 and 13 in particular as one of our core programs and have urged our management to develop strategies.