Message by The Director


Join United Nations Secretary General’s UNiTE campaign to End Violence against Women

VIOLENCE against women, in all in its manifestations, is an inhuman and uncivilized attitude
become part of UNiTE and GENERATION EQUALITY campaigns
to change this attitude and
ORANGE the World.

Mr Sajad Ahmed Abro (Director)

Message by The Director

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations and its subsidiary bodies indeed have always provided a platform for its member states to find out ways and means to solving the problems and issues our planet face in general and member states face in particular, be it the big problem of Climate Change, gender violence and inequality, promotion of peace or reducing extreme poverty and hunger, the United Nations and its subsidiary bodies have always provided guiding principles. The United Nations General Assembly in its session in September 2016 adopted Sustainable Development Goals the post 2015 agenda to bring change in the world. The World has an unprecedented opportunity, once again after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to improve the lives of billions of people by adopting practical approaches to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals though ambitious one, but are action oriented, concise and easy to communicate, inspirational, global in nature and universally applicable in all countries of the world. They are universal in nature and provide a global vision of progress for a safe, just and sustainable space for all human beings to thrive on the planet and they reflect a moral principle that no one should be left behind. We by OUR ACTIONS TOGETHER and by making and implementing robust plans can achieve better results for tomorrow.