Current Activities


    The Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) currently implements Women Voices and Leadership Pakistan (WVLP) project at its focused area of district Jaffarabad in Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan (WVL-Pakistan), is a five-year project (2019 – 2024) funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and implemented by Oxfam Canada (OCA), in collaboration with Oxfam in Pakistan (OiP). The project is part of GAC’s Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Program, a global initiative to support the capacity and activities of local and regional women’s organizations and movements seeking to empower women and girls, advance the protection of women’s and girls’ rights, and achieve gender equality. The project seeks to increase Pakistani women's and girls’ enjoyment of human rights and to advance gender equality in Pakistan by strengthening the individual and collective capacity of women’s rights organizations (WROs), women’s rights activists, and coalitions within the women’s movement. Through WVLP project the SHADE organization has built its organizational capacity and has received support to further strengthen its thematic area of women empowerment by implementing project activities at its focused rural areas. The organization has established networks and forms and assemblies of women and men against gender based violence. Many activities that were successfully planned and implemented through WVLP project were conducted very first time in the history of the area, like a rally of women and girls against gender based violence at a local village. The organization conducts sensitization sessions and trainings against gender based violence at villages and schools. The monthly regular sessions of women and men assemblies are conducted to discuss GBV issues from different areas. The organization under its WVLP project celebrates 16 days of activism against gender based violence and International Women Day regularly.

    Legal Awareness sessions to rural women on Marriage Contract (Nikah Nama)

    The Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) implements this project in Union Council Cattle farm of district Jaffarabad in Balochistan province of Pakistan. The main aim of the project activities is to sensitize rural women to get filled official marriage contracts forms during marriage ceremonies. Through the project activities Union Administrations will be empowered to register marriages through registered Nikah Registrars. The project is 12 month duration and is funded by Women Fund Asia (WFA).

    Strengthen tribal women and girls through the formation of Women’s Council

    The Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment is implementing this project at Union Council Cattle farm of district Jaffarabad. Women and girls from age group 18 to 45 are organized into a Women Council and sensitized on their social, political and economic rights. The main purpose of these activities is to bring reduction in gender inequalities practiced at every level in the society that start at the household level. The project is funded by the South Asia Women Fund Sri Lanka. It starts from August 01,2016. The project will be replicated in other parts in future by the SHADE organization.

    Promotion and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

    The Society of Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment SHADE has been working with its main focus on the advancement of women since its inception in 2004. In its annual meeting of Board of Director on January 05,2016, the Society for Human Advancement and Disadvantaged Empowerment (SHADE) decided to include "Promotion and successful implementation of Sustainable development Goals" as one of core programs of the organization. The management of the organization is urged to chalk out strategies for the purpose. The management of the organization has made a strategy in this regard and keeping this in view the organization on its own, with the support of its strong and committed team of volunteers, has initiated a project at Union Council Cattle farm of Tehsil Jhat pat district Jaffarabad.

    Gender Equality project

    "Together we can promote gender equality by 2030", this project is initiated by the organization with the strong and committed team of its volunteers. An intervention has been made at Union Council Cattle farm of tehsil Jhat pat in district Jaffarabad of Balochistan province in Pakistan to bring reduction in gender inequality in the area. It is a one year pilot project and to start with a baseline survey is going on at village Rahimabad Sarpara, a questionnaire has been prepared to interview different stake holders at the area. The main purpose of this survey is to get information about the causes of gender inequalities that are practiced at the households and what actors are promoting them at a household and beyond it at different other institutions in the society of the area. Through the project activities Gender Groups will be formed at the villages having female and male participation and they will be sensitized on their equal roles, opportunities and responsibilities. Seminars and workshops will be held. The government line departments like Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and councilors both female and male will be involved in the project activities. The project activities after the end of the project will be replicated into other areas.

    Previous Activities


  2. Income Generation of rural women through skill training at Union Councils Sorah and Cattle farm

    This project for the economic empowerment of women and girls of age group from 18 to 45 was launched with the support of Small Grants and Ambassador's Fund Program (SGAFP-USAID). The main purpose of the project activities was to raise the income of women of these areas by adopting alternative ways of income generation as both the Union Councils are at the tail end and most of the areas do not receive adequate irrigation water to grow main crop of paddy and due to this the poverty is on rise in the area and women are worst affected by it. 100 women beneficiaries on need basis were selected and given three month training on different trades, the women beneficiaries were given tools freely at the end of the training to practice at their house to earn and support their families. Out of 100 women beneficiaries 82 have established a small business at their houses and sew cloths and embroidered items and sell them at the nearby markets. During the project women beneficiaries were given a marketing training. They are selling their products at the display center of SHADE organization. The display center was established at the SHADE office during the project that has been doing good service even after the completion of project activities. Women beneficiaries of the project and other women of the area from different villages send their tailoring and embroidered products with Balochi and Sindhi embroidery to earn and support their families. The project was started on March 01,2014 and was successfully completed on November 30,2014.

    SHADE Display Center

    During the project activities a Display Center at the office of SHADE organization has been established where project beneficiaries and women and girls from other villages also send their products for display. The Display Center has been working successfully even after the completion of project and providing a platform to the women of the area to access market for their products.

    We Can Activities

    SHADE organization has worked with the Oxfam-GB in the We Can Campaign from 2005 to 2010. The main purpose of the activities was to sensitize people against honor killings and domestic violence in the areas where women violence has become a mundane activity. The organization conducted different activities like Seminars, Workshops, talk shows, Dialogues, Interviews, Community sessions, formation of groups and networks, Signature Campaigns, women weeks, shows on local TV channels, making people as Change Makers to condemn violence against women and sports events. These activities were conducted very first time in the rigid tribal areas where women have very low status in the society and they are considered below men.

    Research on Honor Killings

    In collaboration with Shirkat Gah; SHADE organization conducted a research on the Causes of honor killings and a mapping research on the role of Masalihat Anjuman in resolving the cases of women violence. The research was conducted in district Jaffarabad that has a tribal set up and cases of domestic violence and honor killings are on rise.

    Khawateen Council

    In collaboration with Shirkat gah SHADE organization established a Kawateen Council at the area of Usta Muhammad City to provide women a platform to discuss their issues and to sensitize women about their Social, Political and economic rights. The Khawateen Council has 7 core members including a chairman and a Secretary.

    Legal Awareness Sessions

    Legal awareness sessions on Muslim Family Law ordinance were conducted among the women groups at different villages to sensitize women about their legal rights and to make them aware, how to proceed to a court of law in case of violation of their human rights given in the Muslim family Law Ordinance.

    White Ribbon Day

    For the men to show solidarity with women, SHADE organization organized a White Ribbon Day, where through a candle light vigil, men pledged not to commit acts of violence against women.

  3. Conflict Resolution

  4. With the support of Action-aid Pakistan, we organized dialogues among the youth of different tribes in the province to defuse the tension among different tribes and the people who are called settlers. The dialogue left very positive effect on the minds of youth to bring harmony in the conflicting areas.

  5. Interfaith Harmony

  6. In collaboration with Christian study Center, we formed youth groups having different religious backgrounds and conducted cultural activities and sessions among them to bring religious harmony.

  7. Micro-credit Schemes for youth

  8. With the support of UN-Habitat, SHADE organization imparted micro-enterprise trainings and gave small loans to 06 Female and 06 Male youth of Usta Muhammad City to enable them to start their own work on small scale.

    Tailoring Training is being imparted to youth (A UN-Habitat Project) Micro credit scheme

  9. Construction of Brick Pavements and PCC Drains

  10. With the Support of Trust for Voluntary Organizations (TVO) and strengthening Participatory Organizations (SPO) SHADE organization constructed 09 streets at Firdous Colony and 04 Streets at Qurban Colony areas of Tehsil Usta Muhammad.Construction of Permanent shelters

  11. Construction of One Room Permanent Shelters

  12. With the support of UNHCR, SHADE organization is constructing 250 one room permanent shelters for the flood affected families at Union Council Sameji Tehsil Usta Muhammad District Jaffarabad of Balochistan province.

  13. Days/Events

  14. It is the mandate of the organization to celebrate the days and events that are declared by the United Nations as international days. The main purpose is to spread the message of the United Nations Organization to common people at the community level.
    The SHADE organization celebrates

    1. International Women’s Day
    2. World Environment Day
    3. 16 Days of activism against Gender violence
    4. World food Day
    5. International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women
    6. International Youth Day
    7. International Human rights Day